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Testing my new character generation.   Leave a comment

I finally tested my new Idea for making characters for Adventures Dark and Deep (by Joseph from the grayhawk grognard.)  using something I came up with talked about here. After two testes we decided my idea was broken as both characters did not qualify for the races that were rolled without being adjusted somehow and both were close to un-playable.

The player making the characters did have fun with the system however so maybe someday I will try to find a way to make it work. Maybe I can use it for a 3rd edition d&D game someday.


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Legends and Labyrinths.   Leave a comment

I just wanted to encourage even more people to help fund Legends and Labyrinths over at 8-bit funding.

“Basically, we’re looking to raise enough capital to pay top-of-the-line artists to provide top-of-the-line illustrations.” ~ Justin Alexander

So anyone reading this check out their project page here on 8-bit funding.

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Rolling Stats   Leave a comment

I am a huge fan of the standard 3d6 leave them where they land method. In the past I tried a few other methodes but too me it really comes down to earning your rewards. Some people say players should start with higher stats because they are heroes. For me however, RPG’s are not about being given everything you want but about earning it.

Rolling the stats randomly leaves everyone and even npc’s on equal footing and allows the DM to simulate a world. I have also found that when players play simple characters with average stats that can die, then they learn to play strategically and too really value the rewards they earn and the characters that live.

Here is a great article over at Classic RPG Realms that goes further into explain the many reason’s why 3d6 and leave them where they fall is a great method of rolling stats.

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Legends and Labyrinths   Leave a comment

Justin Alexander over at TheAlexandrian has recently announced that his creation Legends And Labyrinths has been set up as an 8-bit funding project.

Although I haven’t Personaly seen anything in this book I am excited about its release for two reasons.

1. it claims to “take 3rd Edition and strip it down to its most basic components. It removes everything non-essential, leaving behind a simple, fast-and-loose, easy-to-use system.”

2.The Author has written numerous articles on his blog that has helped me as a DM and keep my interest in 3rd edition. In fact if it weren’t for his D&D: Calibrating Your Expectations article, I might have quit playing 3rd edition all together.

I am hoping to be paying for 2 of the 50 dollar perks.

Update: I ended up only funding one $50 perk.

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